Planning & Zoning Department

 Planning & Zoning

The Planning & Zoning Department assists the Board of Adjustment & Planning Commission with land use planning and zoning activities, including comprehensive plan amendments, zone changes, conditional uses, variances, and planned unit permit issuance.

Prior to any development of areas within the municipal corporate boundaries, the intentions of the developer are required to be review and accepted by the Planning & Zoning Department and/or Board of Adjustment & Planning Commission.

All improvements need to meet the municipal code for usage, landscape, street, curb & gutter, drainage, parking, etc.

For existing platted subdivisions and additions, commercial developments are required to submit a site plan detailing proposed improvements to the Board of Adjustment & Planning Commission for review and approval.

For areas not platted, a subdivision initial plan and final plat are required to be reviewed and approved by the governing body.

Planning & Zoning Forms

Site Plan, Subdivision, Special Exemptions, Home Occupations, Special Exemption, Variance, and Zone Change Forms

Reference Maps

2012 Worland Subdivision Map, 2016 Worland Zoning Map