Contractor Licensing Information

Contractor who work within Worland City limits may be required to licensed with the City to conduct business. Please see the following information for details, any questions should be directed to our Building Official. 
Contractor Licensing Types
  • General Building A (all structures)
  • General Building B (3 stories and under commercial and residential work more than 2 units)     
  • Residential (one and two family dwelling, and certain townhomes)
  • Framing (3 stories and under wood framing)
  • Drywall (Drywall installation Commercial and Residential)
  • Structural Concrete (Installation of load bearing concrete)
  • Structural Masonry (Installation of load bearing masonry)
  • Structural Steel (Installation of load bearing steel)
  • Manufactured Home Installer (Installs HUD Manufactured Homes)
  • General Roofing (Roofing systems on all Commercial and Residential)
  • Shingle Roofing (Shingle Roofing Systems Commercial and Residential) 
  • Master Plumber (water, sewer)
  • Master Plumber w/FG (water, sewer, fuel gas)
  • Master HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, gas fireplaces, fuel gas)
  • Master Refrigeration (refrigeration systems)
  • Master Gas Pipe (fuel gas)
  • Excavation - Right of Way (excavation in any City ROW)     
  • Hearth Systems (Fireplaces)
  • Landscaping Backflow Installer (sprinkler and landscaping backflow installer)
  • Signs


Please see the following PDF files for details on Contractor Licensing Types, Individual Types and Contractor Application


Certified Individual Definitions List and Description of each type of Certified Individual
Contractor License Classifications List and Description of each type of Contractor Licenses
Contractor Application Current Contractor Application